NeZnam ATProto Share WordPress Plugin

NeZnam ATProto Share WordPress Plugin

Automatically share to Authenticated Transfer Protocol networks like BlueSky from WordPress.


This plugin enables automatic posting of articles to ATProto networks like BlueSky.

The plugin adds a new section in the Settings -> Writing page where you can enter the login information for your ATProto network.

A new meta box is added to the post editor where you can select weather to share the post to your ATProto network and what status to use.

If no status is selected, the plugin will use the title of the post as the status.

The plugin shares the post to your ATProto network when the post is published via the WordPress cron system. So make sure you have the cron system working on your WordPress installation.

We recommend hooking up the cron system to a cron job on your server. You can find more information about this in the WordPress documentation.


Search for "NeZnam ATProto Share" in the WordPress plugin directory and install it from there.